Heading out

And that’s what I’m doing. I’m off to Europe (the French Alps) this weekend for an extended stay with family and I doubt if I’ll have time to post again before I leave. I’m taking my computer so I’ll be back posting in a few days and after I get settled in I’ll have an opportunity to get caught up and visit the blogs of those of you who are following mine, and of everyone who has so kindly liked my posts. I’m new to social media and this is the first time my images have been seen by anyone other than friends and family — I very much appreciate your support. :-)

I’m not sure what the next weeks hold for my blog. I’ll still be posting nature images, but it’s possible it’ll become a bit of a travelblog too while I’m away. So stay with me and I’ll be posting again in a couple of days.

yacht under power moving towards horizonClick on image for larger view.

This image is looking more or less southwest down the Haro Strait towards Victoria, BC, the yacht has just exited Boundary Pass — as viewed from aboard a BC Ferry.


Cats in the Sun

orange cat lying in half shadeClick on image for larger view.

I have a series of photos of cats in interesting light, and of this cat in particular. He likes to sit in the sun on this desk just inside a building where the light only reaches part of the corner and I have a number of images of him in this location. But this is the only one I’ve processed so far, so I will post more at a later date. I like some of the others quite a bit, but this one is one of my favorites.


Knee nipper

My late heart horse, Oporto, adored ponies and mini horses. He had been a very intense stallion and was gelded late. But when he was turned out with the little guys, he turned into a model “mother mare,” being very solicitous and tolerating all kinds of abuse from them while displaying extreme restraint when teaching them manners. It was particularly entertaining watching him teach this brash little mini to be a well-mannered gelding, even while he himself was still adjusting. The mini regularly sank his teeth into Oporto, who would carefully extricate himself with a very gentle rebuff. Here the little devil is about to latch on to the back of Oporto’s knee in an effort to get a little action happening…

mini horse biting back of large horse's kneeClick on image for larger view.


Coot — Monochrome Madness

coot standing on half-submerged anchor chainClick on the image for larger view.

Here’s my selection for this week’s Monochrome Madness, Week 20 on Leanne Cole’s blog. Check out the link to see some great black and white shots.

This coot was standing on the submerged anchor chain while he spruced himself up. I waited a while before he finally turned his head in a way that I could capture his face. I loved the converging lines created by the chain and its reflection.



After the rain — 2 images

I shot these two images after our last recent rain. In  the image size posted, you may not be able to see in the petal image that the two silhouetted raindrops have daisies “floating” in them.

close-up of shasta daisy with raindrops

close-up of shasta with raindrops and hoverflyClick on the images for larger view.


White Rock beach — 6 images

We’re getting some gorgeous summer weather this week. With morning low tides and school out, the local beach is a popular spot. Yesterday when I was there, there was a stiff breeze which brought out several kite surfers. Because we’re located in the lee of Vancouver Island, we don’t get the big ocean swells. The water off the beach tends to be like a mill pond most of the time, yesterday we actually had a few little waves, even tho by any standard they were mere ripples…

The following images were taken from White Rock pier, looking east.

Click on images for larger view.

lloking east from white rock pier East beach in the foreground, Peace Arch border crossing just behind beach at far right, Washington state’s Mt Baker in the background. Mt. Baker is a sleeping volcano in the Cascades,  the mountain range that also includes Mt. St. Helen’s, which erupted in 1980.

Mt Baker behind White Rock east beach with kite surferKite surfers off east beach.

White Rock beach with Cascades in backgroundMt Baker and the Cascade range in the background. Beach at mid-tide.

White-Rock-beach-7459--5I liked the line pattern that the waves created in this image.