Exploring My World

This is my first post, my first blog…. I have been computer literate for years and can search-engine my way around the internet like nobody’s business, but for many reasons I haven’t involved myself in social media up until now. And now I am jumping in with both feet. First my blog, next will be Facebook and then a new website, and then…?

Part of this new direction is because I retired a couple of years ago, about the same time that the horse of my wildest childhood fantasies, my inspiration, my muse, died suddenly and tragically before his time. I was an enthusiastic horse professional for many years but when my heart horse died, the fire inside me died too. I am still devastated. Some time in the future I will  be creating a second blog to talk about horse stuff, horse health issues, hoof care, and how it’s possible to develop that magical relationship that all horse lovers seek but so few attain. But this blog needs to come first.

On some level this blog will reflect my efforts to reinvent myself, to find a new path to follow.  if you’re interested in nature, animals, photography, outdoor activities, I invite you along. Who knows what will catch my interest, lol!


4 thoughts on “Exploring My World

    • Thanks Amy, for visiting my blog and liking all my images, lol! I’m so pleased you like my images and I so appreciate your comments. My main interest is in photography as art vs documentary so I do try to give many of my images a little something extra…it doesn’t always happen but I’m working on it! 🙂 Gosh, a fan — now I feel pressure, LOL!


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