Fishing on the beach

When I go for my walks on the beach, I often take my camera because the gulls will frequently get up to goofy stuff and give me an opportunity to practice photographing fast-moving targets. If live food pickings are scarce or the tide is up, there’s usually a couple of them that will get into a squabble over meager morsels. Otherwise there’s almost always someone somewhere they can scrounge a little food from. The herons, on the other hand, are usually far too skittish to get close enough to capture anything worth having, and the eagles don’t usually hang out on the sand and certainly don’t let me close enough to capture any interesting images. So this week’s trip was a good one for me!

Finding myself standing on the beach exactly half way between a loafing bald eagle and an actively fishing heron, and close enough for me to capture images that I could at least crop into something useful, left me totally indecisive! Should I focus on the eagle and  hope to catch it on take-off, knowing that in my experience they usually just give me a tail view, or should I gamble on the heron getting breakfast. I ended up spending more time on the heron, which was probably a good decision. I did get a couple of interesting shots of the eagle goose-stepping across the sand while being harassed by a crow, but when it finally did take off, sure enough all I could see was its rear-view. The flying images came later after the heron was chased off by a dog.



Ooh, a good-sized morsel of flatfish! Quite a large one, considering this was fishing in a tidal pool. Much larger than most of the little fish I usually see in the pools, altho admittedly I do regularly see some larger fish, sculpins I think they are, that the gulls catch and the eagles steal.


And…down the hatch!


This heron ate well that day. It was scoring every couple of minutes.

And to think I almost left my camera at home…




2 thoughts on “Fishing on the beach

    • Thank you. I learned the hard way about beach exposures, but having good software helps too. 🙂 Still, I did find the light to be a bit tricky that day so I was happy with the results.


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