Changing the subject…

I’m going to take a break from beach pictures for the moment.

Last winter I spent some time visiting family in France, near Geneva, Switzerland. I knew l’d be wanting to photograph everything in sight, and I also knew there would be times when I wouldn’t want to be lugging my heavy camera around with me, so before I left I expended considerable effort researching a decent point-and-shoot that wouldn’t totally overwhelm my budget. Image quality was uppermost in my mind however, and I thought I had succeeded in finding a Canon that seemed acceptable, and since it was on sale, it also squeaked in at the top end of my price range.  It went to Europe with me unused, and altho I didn’t have my computer with me for post-processing, I could tell as soon as I could get a glimpse of them on a borrowed computer that the quality of the images just wasn’t up to my expectations. I didn’t realize how bad they were until I got home and downloaded them all onto my computer. For this pixel peeper, they were all but unusable for any serious reproductions. To make matters worse, the week before I returned home, I slipped and fell and couldn’t save the (uninsured) camera as I went down. It ended up with a chunk out of the lens, so I couldn’t even sell the wretched thing once I got home.

But oh, I do love my NIK software, and last year I also learned how to make and use textures in my images to create digital art, so guess what is happening to all those images that don’t cut it as straight photos… Yes, I get to practice with all of them.


Double click on the image for a larger view. It looks much better.

My favorite photographic subjects are animals, but while I was in Europe I just went nuts with all the old buildings and narrow cobbled streets.

This is the Chateau d’Étembieres (where are the other accents on my keyboard??), a fortified house that was built in the late 13th century and changed hands a number of times due to politics, assassinations, and whathaveyou. Damaged by fire in the late 16th century, it was quickly restored due to its important location as a fortification. It’s situated at the base of the Saleve in the Haute Savoie in France, overlooking Geneva, Switzerland. Today it’s a working farm.

After making basic adjustments to contrast, etc., I ran the image through NIK Color Efex Detail Extractor and then applied several texture layers. The original was a jpeg.


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