Annecy, France

While I was in France last winter, I visited lovely Annecy. Everyone told me how beautiful it is in summer, when there are colorful flowers everywhere, but even in winter I thought it was lovely. And unlike during the summer, there were no throngs of tourists blocking the view! This is a street leading into the well-known medieval Old Town.


Next up is the Canal du Thiou, looking towards Lake Annecy, with the Palais de l’Isle on the small triangular island in the middle of the picture, the skinny pink building is the back of it. The Palais was built in the 12th century, and over the centuries has served as lordly residence, courthouse, mint and prison. I think it’s most well known as “the old prison.” I can imagine the cells must have been horribly dank and cold in the winter… I’ll include images of the front view in another post. I’m going back to France later in the summer, and I’m sure I’ll be revisiting Annecy to see her in all her summer glory. And of course that means more photos!


We were lucky with the weather the day we were there. It had snowed the night before, not in town but in the surrounding area, and the storm clouds were threatening but we didn’t get rained on, and we had the sun peaking through every now and then.



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