What’s that human going to do…?

What's that human going to do...?

The neighbors want to get rid of them, but we like them: there’s a family of raccoons that lives in one of my landlady’s trees in the back yard. Every year sees a new crop of babies. They play on the back lawn at night, rummage through the compost, and occasionally rummage through my plant pots, but they don’t bother us otherwise. They are so cute to watch!

Here we see Mother Raccoon watching me intently while she’s waiting for Offspring #s 2 and 3 to catch up before everyone bolted up the tree. I was out in the backyard photographing one of the cats when the family returned along the top of the fence from an early morning sortie, and my presence totally freaked out the kits. Mother Coon was bristling with anxiety while she herded her brood to safety, even though I barely moved…just sitting quietly and watching them from the middle of the lawn.


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