Zoo babies

I was driving past our local zoo today and decided to stop in for a couple of hours. It was sunny and warm and many of the animals were hiding out in the shade, but I was rewarded by two cute babies that I hadn’t seen on my last visit.


This cariboo calf clearly isn’t a brand new baby, with those little antlers so prominent, but it was new to me. It was hiding behind its mother, not moving around much, and then it lay down. I was hoping it would be more interested in playing. There was also a very tiny calf there but it was sound asleep and barely moved a muscle the whole time I watched.


This little muskox calf really caught my fancy…such a cute and energetic little bundle of hair. On my last visit, only one muskox was out grazing, with no sign of a calf. I’d only managed to get a couple of shots of the muskox family before capturing this image, and then one of the zoo staff showed up to feed them, so both adults and the calf moved into the paddock area which killed my muskox photo ops for the day. I really liked the later afternoon light today, especially at the flamingo compound, but visiting during feeding time didn’t work out so well for photographing some of the animals.

More zoo pictures to come.



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