A cheeky rhea and neon flamingoes

I’ve tried countless times to get some decent images of the flamingoes. But they are somewhat shy and they live in a very shrubby area. Their favorite hang-outs tend to be either obscured by bushes or too far away for me to get a decent shot even with my longer lens. The two rheas who live with them, however, are the opposite. The male gets as close as he can when I visit and because I am shooting through a mesh fence it makes it difficult to get a good close-up of him, especially as he moves his head around a lot when I have the camera to my face. He likes to make eye contact. The cheeky devil also tries to latch on to my hand when I ignore him and am focussing the camera on the flamingoes. Last week, however, I succeeded with both the rhea and the flamingoes.

The rhea is certainly an interesting-looking bird, with his bald spots and curly hairlike feathers.


The late afternoon sun delivered the kind of natural light I love to an area where a few of the flamingoes were sprucing themselves up. I was shooting through the bushes, so I was pleased to be able to get a somewhat clear shot at them and they cooperated nicely in the second image with one bird in the spotlight, and the other two in shadow. It looks as if I cranked up the saturation in the images, but I didn’t have to. Most of the flamingoes were already brightly colored, and then the warm glow from the sun just lit them up for me even more. The dark shade behind them is exactly what I had been looking for. I love the almost painted look to the flamingoes.



Click on the images for a larger view.



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