Get off our roof!

If starlings weren’t so numerous and so messy, people could appreciate their beautiful coloration. Not just the speckling on the feathers, but the iridescent rainbow colors that are visible when the sun touches them at a certain angle. I don’t usually photograph starlings, but yesterday I couldn’t pass up the chance for a try at capturing those colors when I saw these on the roof of a friend’s barn. Glorious colors even if subtle from a distance!


Click on the image for a larger view.

The starlings were really upset by a large, handsome one-eyed crow that was sitting on the end of the roof ridge. The starlings nest in the barn and make a horrible mess below wherever they perch, but I’ve heard them sing the sweetest songs. But yesterday there was no singing, just loud squawking at that crow. Perhaps s/he had raided their nests.



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