Grouse Mountain Grizzlies


Grouse Mountain is, among other claims to fame, home to two grizzly bears, orphaned as cubs and raised on the mountain. They can be quite sociable but the day I was there they were playing a little coy. That made photographing them in their wilderness enclosure a little more challenging, but on the other hand I liked that the images I came home with showed the bears in surroundings that mirrored wild grizzly habitat.



I was also presented with the opportunity to easily study a grizzly foot: I thought it could almost be described as cuddly — were it not so massive and, more to the point, flanked by those two sets of terrifying claws! Ursus arctos HORRIBILIS indeed!




Click on images for larger view.


6 thoughts on “Grouse Mountain Grizzlies

    • Yes, it’s great to be able to photograph them like that. I lived up north for a couple of years, I got to see wild black bears as well as grizzlies a little too close a few times… 🙂


      • Here in Portland, Oregon our main concern is mountain lions, cougars. We had to put down an older one in a neighborhood tree just last week. This week we spotted another one near a school that had to stay on lockdown until cleared out of the area. We’ve never had a human killed by cougar in Oregon but pets have been killed.


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