Fine Porcelain Waxwings

While I was waiting yesterday for Madame Sora to show herself on the pond edge, I became aware that I was missing out on some discreet activity behind me. More delight for me when I slowly turned around and found a pair of Cedar Waxwings foraging in the tall marsh grasses just a few meters away on the other side of the narrow trail.


At least, one of them was. The other one stood guard on an old fence rail, presenting me with a priceless opportunity to photograph and admire him. I’ve only ever seen them high in trees over my head, half obscured by foliage, so this was a real treat for me. They were both so exquisitely sleek and smooth that they almost appeared to be made out of fine porcelain, an impression that was only enhanced by their gorgeous, subtle coloring. I also loved how their yellow underparts were mirrored by the colors in those blades of grass that were backlit by the bright sun.


He was chattering away to his mate most of the time I watched, maybe telling her to get a move on before that human made a move in his direction. 🙂

What handsome birds…I could have watched them all afternoon, but pretty soon the sentry decided he needed to do some foraging too and they both disappeared into the grasses.



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