More images from Monday’s trip to the park

My trip to the park on Monday turned out to be full of unexpected little pleasures.

bumble bee hanging upside down on purple vetch in the marsh

Among the marsh grasses, near the area where the waxwings were feeding, a purple vetch was found by a foraging bumble bee. And by me. 🙂

Lorquin's Admiral butterfly on coyote poop

A little further along on my way back to the car, an exquisitely colored Lorquin’s Admiral butterfly was so interested in this little pile of coyote poop that I was able to position myself close enough for a half-decent shot. It was when I got down on his/her level and the wings folded up that s/he took my breath away. The colors on the underwings in the afternoon sun positively glowed. Yet another first for me…previously I’ve only seen these beauties from a distance, usually in retreat. 😦  That surprises me now because when I got home I looked them up and found that they are quite aggressive, and may actually chase birds from their home territory.

Lorquin's Admiral butterfly with wings up

And just before I reached where I left my car, the vibrant red color of this next gaudy character stopped me in my tracks. I don’t usually have much success photographing dragonflies, but this one was very cooperative. Actually s/he was quite the showoff!

Red dragonfly showing off on cedar branchRed dragonfly showing off on cedar branch

S/he didn’t want to stay still for long, but as long as I stood quietly, s/he kept returning.

I have frequented this section of the park countless times and traveled this short section of trail more times than I can remember, but usually the number of interesting photo subjects lacks variety…I may have to stop by again soon. While I was waiting for the Sora, I caught sight of the rear view of either a small beaver or a large muskrat (my money is on the latter) dragging a large island of marsh grasses through the water. I could only see the back of its head above water as it swam away from my direction and disappeared around the corner. This also is new, I haven’t seen signs of muskrat or beaver in this part of the park before so clearly changes are underway here.



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