My sister’s cats

Sid, Burmese cat, draped over chair backSid — Burmese

If you could see how many cat images I have in my photo collection, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m crazy about cats. I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I like cats well enough but I don’t live with any. But cats are so photogenic. And they seem supremely gifted at finding just the right light in which to pose, something I really appreciate as I prefer to use available light whenever possible. (I don’t even own an off-camera flash.)

Kali, Grey Deven Rex cat, sittingKali — Devon Rex. Petite, but holds her own!

Nawa, Siamese cat sitting, eyes mostly closedNawa — Siamese of ample girth!

These cats live with my older sister and her husband, and this post is for them. While I was visiting them last winter, I was inspired to photograph their cats over and over. The light in their house was perfect for illuminating the cats, who just seemed to migrate from one beautiful light to another.

Frips, Devon Rex cat lying downFripouille (sp?), aka Frips — Devon Rex





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