MMC Mythical Horse Eye — B-W versus Color (3 images)

equine eye in color

I got such positive feedback from my first submission — eye of mythical horse — to the Monochrome Madness Challenge on Leanne Cole’s blog (thank you everyone who commented) that I thought I might post the color version of the same image, since I so love the color one. The image above is the original, sharpened a bit, standard levels adjustments, etc. applied, but no I didn’t crank up the saturation. On sunny mornings the light in this walk-through stall was always amazing…sun streaming through the door then bouncing off the pale red cedar walls and light-colored sawdust on the floor created gorgeous, warm and bright reflected light. With any light at certain angles, his eyes would appear to be lit from within, they were the same color as his glossy, vibrant red coat, which from a distance would also appear to glow from within. Combine the coat and eye color with the reflected light in this location, and the result was breathtaking. The ever-attentive eyes just enhanced it all. I’d like to take credit for capturing the colors, but to be honest it was hard to fail!

Here’s the black and white version again:


And below is the “artsified” version:

equine eye in full color, art version



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