Roadside songster — 4 images

Last week on one of my walks there was a song sparrow singing its heart out. It appeared to follow me down the road and back, perching on power lines, trees and fences. I knew it was the same bird because this little cutie only had one leg. They may be relatively “plain janes” in their brown feathers, but song sparrows are one of my favorite little birds.

song sparrow on old fence rail


song sparrow singing on old fence rail

song sparrow singing on tree branchClick on images for larger view



4 thoughts on “Roadside songster — 4 images

  1. I join you in your love of song sparrows. They are one of my favorite truly wild animals. While at the Origin Zoo I’m constantly on the lookout for local wild birds that include grey headed sparrows and stellar jays. They fly all over the pathways around the 65 acre zoo circuit. I find the sparrows able to sneak into bird exhibits and forage on the feeding stations for provided for the birds on exhibit.

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    • I’m not familiar with grey headed sparrows. The other kind I like to see are white-crowned sparrows. Also strong singers, at least the ones I see. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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