Curious neighborhood nibblers


Out in my neighborhood on my bike earlier this week, I passed a paddock with two nannies and two ewes and thought I would like a few images of them. They rushed over, hoping I suppose that I might have brought some goodies for them, and were somewhat disgruntled when they found I came empty-handed. But their insistence that I must surely have something for them allowed me to capture some quite different images than I’d anticipated.

Click on images for larger viewheadshot of goatheadshot of nanny goatHeadshot of two sheep nuzzlilng

They all had beautiful eyes, particularly the sheep…close-up of sheep's eyehead shot of goat

The goats were charming but a bit pushy, while the sheep were very sweet. I loved their little forelocks!head shot of sheepClick on images for larger view



4 thoughts on “Curious neighborhood nibblers

    • Thank you for visiting and liking my images. I found the animals to be very sociable and super-friendly which made it easier to photograph them. Thank you for commenting. šŸ™‚


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