Lac Leman meeting place

For the last few days the style of my posted images has been rather close-up heavy so I thought for today I’d pull back out of the frame a little.

swans, ducks, gulls and pigeons gathering at the bottom of steps leading into lake
Click on image for larger view (recommended).

I captured this image earlier this year while I was visiting Geneva, Switzerland. I had a new point and shoot with me at the time so that I didn’t have to lug my bigger, heavier camera around all the time, and it wasn’t until I got home that I discovered that I didn’t care for the clarity of the images it produced at all. Altho this image came out better than most, it already had a painterly feel to it so I opted to enhance that in post-processing. I also added a hand-painted watercolor texture to lend subtle color throughout the image. I love how it came out!

There’s so much going on in this scene. It was captured in Geneva, where the waters of Lake Geneva/Lac Leman become once again a river, the next stage of the Rhone as it makes its run down to the Mediterranean. The water is quickly funneled into its new shape and the current running through Geneva is strong. These (wild) swans and ducks live here in the area where the lake becomes the river, and I presume the gathering spot in the image is popular because it’s a backwater and they don’t have to keep swimming against the current, which is just out of the image to the right. It’s quite a lovely little example of everybody getting along…the gulls sitting in the water and on the railings, the elegant mute swans, the various kinds of ducks being respectful but not afraid of the swans (she’s hard to see, but there’s a duck on the steps crammed right up next to the left-most swan), and of course the pigeons have to get right in there too!

I so enjoyed watching this group and this image takes me right back there!



4 thoughts on “Lac Leman meeting place

  1. I pack light too. I carry a mirrorless camera and a 17mm prime attached. Having this one camera and lens forces me to be more creative as a photographer. I love you shot and how you enhanced it.


    • I can see how this camera combo could challenge your creativity… 🙂 It would certainly challenge mine,lol! Your harbor shots are lovely. For the time being I make do with the Canon kit lenses and 80% of the time the long lens is attached because most of the time my favorite subjects tend to be on the move and at a distance. The new point and shoot I referred to was a big mistake, it was nice to be able to stuff it in my hand bag, but the glass quality was abysmal, especially for its price. Not an acceptable trade-off. Live and learn. Good thing I have decent software so I can salvage the images one way or another. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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