White Rock beach — 6 images

We’re getting some gorgeous summer weather this week. With morning low tides and school out, the local beach is a popular spot. Yesterday when I was there, there was a stiff breeze which brought out several kite surfers. Because we’re located in the lee of Vancouver Island, we don’t get the big ocean swells. The water off the beach tends to be like a mill pond most of the time, yesterday we actually had a few little waves, even tho by any standard they were mere ripples…

The following images were taken from White Rock pier, looking east.

Click on images for larger view.

lloking east from white rock pier East beach in the foreground, Peace Arch border crossing just behind beach at far right, Washington state’s Mt Baker in the background. Mt. Baker is a sleeping volcano in the Cascades,  the mountain range that also includes Mt. St. Helen’s, which erupted in 1980.

Mt Baker behind White Rock east beach with kite surferKite surfers off east beach.

White Rock beach with Cascades in backgroundMt Baker and the Cascade range in the background. Beach at mid-tide.

White-Rock-beach-7459--5I liked the line pattern that the waves created in this image.




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