Fairytale swans

Two swans swimming in the darkClick on image for larger view.

Earlier in the week we went to check out a small park located a short drive away near the entrance to the Borne river valley. It was a former 12th century estate complete with a fortified residence and it sounded interesting. As it turned out, it was much smaller than we’d anticipated, the chateau and at least half the property were closed off due to renovations, and the small aviary contained just a few caged, imported finches, small parrots and miscellaneous little birds. There was a rather slimy looking pond that was home to a half dozen mute swans (Cygnus olor) and that was it. We decided to head up the valley into the mountains, but on the way out of the park we passed a small stand of rather large old cedar trees overhanging one end of the pond and  beneath which two swans were swimming. It was gloomy in there and altho a few rays of sun had managed to insinuate themselves through the foliage to illuminate the swans a bit, my camera doesn’t do well in low light and I didn’t hold out much hope for a decent capture.  So I was delighted when I downloaded my photos and checked out this image. I performed a couple of minor tweaks to it and I just love how it came out! To my eye the scene looks otherworldly…



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