Escargots, anyone…? 5 images

While I’m staying with family here in France I frequently go for a walk before breakfast. I kept being told about these magnificent snails, escargots de Bourgogne (Helix pomatia), that are supposed to be plentiful around here, but I really had no idea what they looked like. I came home each day with images of snails, but not the right ones! Finally, I knew I’d found an escargot de Bourgogne:

Escargot de Burgogne grazingClick on images for larger view.

Golf ball sized, with a lovely ruffled skirt, and a striped brown shell, it was grazing on clover in the early morning shade. This was one magnificent snail! I may never be able to eat escargots again…

Here are some of the other snails I’ve been finding on my walks.

Pink snail on stem with bug

I loved how this pink snail (above) seemed to be hanging from his tail, face to face with a bug. With the little brown one (below), I liked the way the light shone not only through the leaf, but also through the snail’s shell.

Brown snail on underside of green leaf Small brown snail on stemStriped snail on underside of stemClick on images for larger view.




4 thoughts on “Escargots, anyone…? 5 images

    • Thank you. I find snails a bit challenging to shoot: they aren’t usually in bright sunlight so if I use my longer lens I have to use a small f-stop to get enough light and then it’s a struggle to get both “eyes” in focus, but if I use my shorter lens for a close up then the snail retracts into its shell as soon as I approach it. Most of the time I settle for one eyeball in focus, occasionally I luck out and get both. 😊

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