Mt Saxonnex church and beyond

Mt. Saxonnex church towards GenevaClick on image for larger view.

While on the subject of churches as good subjects to photograph, this is Mont Saxonnex church, which sits high overlooking the Arve River valley. From my sister’s garden further up the valley, at river level, I can see the church perched on the edge of the high mountains behind it. It has a spectacular view of this part of the valley and surrounding mountains. The village of Mt. Saxonnex is actually a ski resort. In this image we are looking WNW past the church towards Geneva, Switzerland, which lies between the Jura mountains in the far distance, and the Saleve, the low mountain in the near distance to the left. The Arve river, which flows below Mt. Saxonnex, is a major tributary of the Rhone, which it joins in Geneva a short distance downstream from where Lake Geneva morphs into the Rhone.


4 thoughts on “Mt Saxonnex church and beyond

    • Thank you, Laura. I have a number of images of this church because I can see it on my morning sorties from my sister’s house, but of course they are all images looking up at it and the perspective isn’t quite as interesting.

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