Lunch on the Col de la Colombiere — 5 images

A couple of weeks ago we drove up to the Col de la Colombiere for lunch at a rustic little restaurant at the end of a rough little road that led uphill from the — uh — main road at the summit. The location was a farm, the facilities were minimal, and we sat on hard wooden benches, but the raclette and fondue were delicious, and the view spectacular.

Click images for larger view.

North from Col de la ColombiereThe weather was threatening throughout our visit, but the rain held off and the sun peeked through from time to time. This is the view from the restaurant looking north to the Col de Romme in the distance. the village of Le Reposoir is down in the bottom, behind the trees.

Col de la ColombiereLooking south from the restaurant towards the Col.

Donkeys at Col de la ColombiereThese donkeys were grazing in a field on a slope facing the restaurant. The little foal lying in the grass in the lower part of the image was extremely young, I would guess a couple of days old or less.

Col de la Colombiere dogFarm dog waiting outside the barn.

East from the restaurantLooking east from the restaurant.



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