Vancouver from Grouse Mountain — 4 images

I’m resorting to images I already have on my iPad today: I have brought my Mac Mini with me on my trip and I’m using my iPad as its display. It’s not a perfect setup but I couldn’t afford to replace my MacBook when I needed to, and this is a reasonable compromise. The problem while I’m staying here is that the software that I use to allow the iPad to act as the display for my Mac appears to have a protocol that the local wifi doesn’t care for. I can get around that by using an ad hoc network that I’ve scripted to open automatically on start-up, but it means that I can’t directly move my images that I’ve processed off my Mac directly to my iPad, from which I am currently blogging. I can connect to wifi with my Mac but without a display I am virtually dead in the water. So my solution is to snag the TV while it’s not in use, and it’s in use most of the time when we’re not out and about, and hook my Mac up to it long enough to get my images transferred to my iPad. I wasn’t able to do that today, thus my choice of what to post today is somewhat limited. I hope you like them anyway…a couple of pics of Vancouver as seen from the top of Grouse Mountain — ski destination in winter, hiking and zip lining in summer, and stunning views year-round.

Click on images for larger view. Looking SE from Grouse MtnView from the top of Grouse Mountain, looking SE across BC’s Lower Mainland towards Mt Baker, volcano in Washington State, U.S. and the Cascade mountains. The white suspension bridge in the centre of the image is the Port Mann bridge spanning the Fraser River. On top of the small mountain in front of it is Simon Fraser University, the water in front of that is Burrard Inlet.


View S from top of Grouse MtnThis is the view to the south, Vancouver harbour in the foreground, east Vancouver and Burnaby behind it, the light green is Delta, and beyond that the dark piece sticking out into the water is Point Roberts, an isolated piece of Washington State. The San Juan Islands are in the distance, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island off to the right just out of sight.

Vancouver harbour from GrouseVancouver Harbor and downtown Vancouver, Canada Place in the centre, as seen from Grouse Mountain.

Grouse mountain view of Stanley ParkView of Grouse Mountain lower level with downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park behind, and English Bay behind that. The University of BC is out of sight in the top right hand corner of the image.

These images were captured last summer during the kind of weather they’ve been getting while I’m away wondering what happened to summer in the French alps…? It has definitely not been summer-like here!



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