Two’s company — 3 images

OK, back to regular programming tonight: images that I captured in the past week. I gave all of them an artistic treatment, added some textures, but the compositions are as found and as shot.

Click on images for larger view. Two red beetles on dandelion developing seedheadI have absolutely no idea what these little red bugs are. They resemble firebugs but the markings are different. They are sitting on a developing dandelion seedhead.

Grasshopper nymph and fly on foxglove blossomA fly with what I believe is a grasshopper nymph on a foxglove.

Snail and grasshopper share a stemWhile I was setting up to shoot the snail, this grasshopper shimmied up the stem as tho it wanted to be included in the image. How could I resist!?



7 thoughts on “Two’s company — 3 images

  1. Stunning Katrina! I’m ready to do your post sometime week. Can you please email me everything again? I can’t find any of it nor can I find your email address. I’m a bit loopy with these meds. But I’d love to do your post! And if you could zip your photos, like maybe ten of them, I’d appreciate it. Sorry for posting this here. You can delete the comment afterward if you like. lol


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