Ant-bombing fly — 5 images

This isn’t the post I’d planned for today. But this morning on my way home from my walk I witnessed an odd scene that I was I able to partially capture with my camera. I was watching an ant with some tiny black winged insects which appeared to be young aphids. Ants will sometimes defend aphids as they like to eat the sweet liquid that aphids secrete. While I was focusing on the ant, suddenly a fly came swooping in and dive bombed it. On its second attack, there seemed to be a bit of a scuffle, so quick that I didn’t really see what was going on. I had the impression that the fly somehow grasped the ant, but a split second later the fly was sitting on the plant, and the ant was on a different section of the plant, far enough away from its original position that it couldn’t possibly have repositioned itself that quickly.The aphids were still in their original position. The fly must have picked up the ant and then released it again.  The fly seemed to deliberate, I thought it was going to pounce on the ant again, then it flew off, only to return almost immediately and proceeded to dive bomb the ant again a few times before once again settling on the plant. A short while later the fly flew off and didn’t return. I couldn’t find any references to regular flies attacking what looked like an average type of ant — can anyone enlighten me as to what was going on there…?

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