Dining at the lake — 8 images

On another quick trip into Geneva yesterday we spent a half hour or so on Île Rousseau again. Once again I was reminded why I try never to go anywhere without a camera with me. The usually elusive Great Crested Grebe was hanging around the island and it wasn’t until I had my 55-250mm lined up on her that I realized she had a baby with her, an adorable little striped job.  Suddenly not one but 2 heads popped out from under Mama Grebe’s wings. Then Papa Grebe showed up after a little while carrying a small fish.

Click on images for larger view. Grebe chicks riding on parent's backRiding on Mama Grebe’s back.

Grebe bringing fish for chicksHere comes Papa Grebe with lunch!imageGrebe chick taking fish from parentOne chick jumps into the water and takes the fish.

Grebe chick with fish crosswise in beakGrebe chick sliding fish into throatThe chick struggles with the fish but finally gets it lined up head first so it goes down easily and…

Grebe chick after swallowing fishLook Papa! I ate it ALL!

imageAfter the one chick has swallowed the fish, Papa Grebe leaves to find more fish. The second chick, still ensconced under Mama’s wing, raises a ruckus — Hey!! What about me??

It was time to leave at this point so we couldn’t wait around to see if the second chick would get a share…



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