Monochrome Madness Challenge 31

I’ve missed a couple of months of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness while I’ve been away, but now that I’m home here’s my latest submission. It’s Sid the Burmese, having a very intense conversation with my brother-in-law.

Face of meowing cat in monochrome

There are some lovely black and white images on the MMC page…click on the link in the first line to check them out!


Lit from within

Two backlit deep pink fuschia flowersClick on image for larger view.

This was a flower in my sister’s garden in France, captured in the early morning sun. I love shooting into the light, and these flowers were near a wall, so there was some reflected light as well, and I love reflected light almost as much. With a flower that color combined with that kind of light, it just begged me to give it a little tweak to enhance the glow… 🙂


Thistle down

close-up of thistlehead with seedsClick image for larger view.
Everywhere I’ve gone during the past week, thistles are busy preparing for the change in season… I’m sad to see their beautiful purple heads disappearing for the year, even if they do morph for a while into these beautiful puffballs.