Duelling grebes

Ugh, regular programming on my blog has most definitely undergone a major disruption this week. Lots happening here at the moment, so altho I’m adding substantially to my image collection, processing time is severely limited. At the same time, we’ve been having wifi connection problems, initially with only intermittent availability, and then for the last couple of days no service at all. Hopefully that issue has been resolved, time will tell…

In the middle of it all, subscribers to mythical horse blog hit the 200 level,šŸ˜Š so I’d like to thank everyone who is following my blog for their support, as well as those who follow along less officially but regularly ‘like’ my posts and images. I really do appreciate all of you tagging along. I hope future posts continue to be of interest to you.

On Sunday we returned to the south shore of Lake Geneva to have lunch at Sciez, just along the shore from that beautiful medieval village I posted about last week, Yvoire. After lunch I took my camera for a little walk in the port in Sciez. In among the moored yachts were a large flock of Great Crested Grebes, many of them with chicks of various ages, ranging from very small, like the ones I captured last week in my Dining at the Lake post, to almostĀ adult size. I captured some lovely images, but since I’m short on processing time, today I’ll just post a couple of the more exciting ones.

Click on images for larger view.Ā Two grebes sizing each other upThe grebe on the right was fishing for his two chicks when the other grebe swam into his territory. Here they’re sizing each other up before…Two grebes squaring off…papa grebe loses his cool and launches an attack which succeeds in running off the second grebe. I’ll post more images at a future dateĀ once I’ve processed them.



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