Mont Saxonnex and the Arve Valley — 2 images

Recently I posted an image of Mont Saxonnex church overlooking the Arve Valley towards the west-northwest.

Today’s images include views of the church from two totally different perspectives.

Click on images for larger view.Looking NE over Arve valley from Mont d'AndeyEarlier in the week we drove up to the Plateau de Solaison, near the top of Mont d’Andey, a high peak overlooking the Arve valley. We found some alpine flora up there that we were not personally familiar with, and I will include some images of them and the Plateau in future posts. The Plateau is used for X-country skiing, and judging by the number of places to eat in such an isolated location, I would guess that it’s a popular spot.

The image above was captured during the descent and it’s looking northeast over the Arve River valley towards a range of particularly rugged mountains which were unfortunately obscured by the lovely clouds. The foreground semi-silhouette shows the church at Mont Saxonnex, to the right of centre. My sister lives on the far side of that, at river level. I processed the image on an uncalibrated display so the colors may be a bit off.

Below is a silhouette of Mont Saxonnex church as viewed from near my sister’s home, captured that same day as we were returning from our trip up Mont d’Andey, which is the peak in the background. The church can be seen about a third of the way in from the right. The sunbeams almost look manipulated, but they’re not. I merely tweaked the contrast and highlights and sharpened it. The sun was peaking through a small cluster of clouds, and this image represents just a suggestion of the scene that I witnessed just a few minutes earlier, when I looked back just as we were exiting the motorway. By the time I was able to line up a shot, the display was almost over. The first glimpse was more spectacular. Silhouette of mt Saxonnex church with sunrays on Mont d'Andey



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