More escargots…

I’ve accumulated so many snail images since I arrived here that I could be accused of being a snail nut. But it’s just that I see so many of the small ones during my morning strolls beside the river, and we have so many more slugs than snails at home, that I just can’t resist shooting some of them when I’m out.

This is one I watched last week as it checked out one willow leaf after another. My two favourite images are of the snail hanging off the tip of the leaf like a high-wire acrobat, and the other as it reaches the stem.

snail hanging off end of leaf

Snail reaching stem at top of leaf




16 thoughts on “More escargots…

    • LOL! Sorry, Laura! I am quite fascinated by their eyeballs stuck out there on stalks! And the way they can suck them in quickly to keep them from harm. Of course slugs can do that too, but the snails at least have shells which seems to help me view them differently…most of them are also vegetarian, whereas slugs tend to be, I think, more omnivorous. Doubtless that doesn’t change your mind about them. 😊😊


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