Bathing mute swan

When we visit Geneva, I love going to l’Île Rousseau in downtown Geneva, where Lake Geneva becomes the Rhone River, to watch the birds there. Most times I go, there is much grooming going on. The mute swans in particular have recently been going overboard with their preening, literally capsizing themselves and rolling over, feet uppermost, so they are as wet as possible (I presume) before righting themselves and thoroughly attending to their feathers. I will be posting more images of these swans once I get home and get some serious processing under my belt — while I’m away I’m processing only a minimum number of images. For now there’s just this one which I decided to process in black and white to highlight the texture of the feathers, water drops, and swirling water.

Click on image for larger view. Mute swan bathing, wings flapping




10 thoughts on “Bathing mute swan

    • Thanks, I appreciate knowing that the image is appreciated. 😊 Swans make such great subjects, even when they’re just floating there looking beautiful, but a little action certainly adds a bonus!


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