Bejewelled webs

I tried to post these images last week, and I think some of you got to see them, others just got the text. The post got caught between being scheduled to be published while I was away for a couple of days, and the wifi outages we had at the same time, then while I was trying to straighten it out, it disappeared. So I’m posting them again today.

These are some of the spiders I’ve encountered on my walks near the Arve River.



13 thoughts on “Bejewelled webs

    • Thanks, Laura. I love this time of year for photographing spiders…the morning dew really dresses up the webs, and then with the early morning sun it makes for an unbeatable combination. 🙂


      • There is another blog….I can’t think of it right now but he does processing extremely similar to these spiders but he does it on everything. I wish I could remember the name for you. His pictures have that magical quality as well and I thought you might be interested. I think Edward is in the name of the blog. Anyway, this is spectacular and I can see why early morning is so desired! I need to get up early more often! lol


      • Thanks, Laura…yes, he has some gorgeous images! The spiders definitely are along the same lines. I also have a few images that haven’t been published yet that would fit right in with his collection! I may have to tweak a couple of them so nobody thinks I’m copying, LOL!


      • Did I respond already to this? If so, just delete this. I can’t tell now that I’m on the computer lol. But you are NOT copying and no one will think that silly goose. I just meant that some images are similar in lighting and processing and I love them both! You have more texture to your images so I don’t think they are the same.


      • It’s okay Laura, I know what you meant, lol! There is definitely a similarity between some of my images and emeraldwake’s, and I agree they aren’t the same, except for 2 or 3 of my unpublished flower images which look just like a couple of his. They are not among my textured images, so I think I may add texture to them just on principle. 🙂 And thanks for your kind comments. 🙂


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