I got back home from my trip to France on Thursday evening, spent rainy yesterday running around getting things organized, and then today I went for a long walk in the sunshine at a nearby estuary-side park as well as in the Blackie Spit area, a skinny piece of land that juts into the water where the Nicomekl estuary becomes Mud Bay. The sun was shining, it was warm with a light breeze, and when I got to the trail that runs next to the estuary, the smell of semi-rotten seaweed wafting on the breeze really made me feel I was home again. I love that smell! I had hoped there would be some early winged migrants, but apart from a few mallards, and 3 or 4 green-winged teal too far off for any photos, there was very little going on. This perky pigeon seemed to be begging for me to photograph him, And since there weren’t any other birds around, here he is.

Click on image for larger view. Pigeon on fence post

One of the things I missed while I was away was my large display. It is SO nice to be back using it again! The wifi at my sister’s was also slower than what I have access to here, aggravated by having to use software to be able to use my iPad as my display for my computer. Back on my full home system now, my computer fairly screams in comparison. Still, I was happy just to be able to use my computer there so I could catalogue and transfer my images off my camera, something I wasn’t able to do last time I was there.



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