Cleared to land!

Great blue heron landing in water next to Canada gooseClick on image for larger view.

I love capturing great blue herons in flight, but most of the time I end up with a tail view as the bird disappears out of sight! I’m fascinated by them…they always make me think about pterodactyls, even their vocalizations seem prehistoric. This image of a heron landing at Reifel bird sanctuary is the kind of shot I’m usually on the prowl for, I love the light and colors, the reflection, and the goose was a plus! 🙂 There’s also a mallard, but she got lost behind the heron’s feet in this shot.

Now that I’m back home with my big display and not being slowed down by having to use software and my iPad for a display, I can get back to playing with my images again. As much as I love getting out with my camera, I also get a huge kick out of seeing how I can put an artistic stamp on my photos. I had fun with this one of the heron and goose, and altho I liked the original, I really like this version much more. It appeals to my artistic taste without, I hope, interfering with the scene as it played out.


2 thoughts on “Cleared to land!

    • Thanks. I’m a frustrated artist, not having any art education at all, and I started dabbling in watercolors last year after wanting to give it a try for a lot of years. But I’m better with the software than I am with the paints at this point, so I tend to like producing images that look painterly. 🙂


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