Another cat in the sun

two cats having a discussionClick on image for larger view.

This is another image in my Cats in the Sun series, a follow up to an earlier post. These two barn cats, Ricky and Hiro, were engaged in a rather intense discussion over squatting rights.


15 thoughts on “Another cat in the sun

    • Sort of… You can see Hiro (the white cat) has just raised one paw a little and he did swat Ricky (in the full length orange coat) a couple of times, but Ricky had absolutely no intention of giving up his spot there, and since neither cat is submissive, but also neither is super-aggressive, just pushy, the disagreement really didn’t go anywhere. After a little while, Hiro just lay down where he was sitting. Possibly with the intention of discreetly pushing Ricky off the desk, LOL, but that didn’t happen either.


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