Catching the last of the day’s sun

I’m a daylight person. My body wants to hibernate in the winter unless there’s a lot of sun that I can get out into. With summer’s long days fast becoming something to look back on, one tiny consolation is that photography’s magic hours don’t require getting out of bed at such an ungodly hour, nor racing off someplace after supper, to catch early and late day light. Not much of a consolation though… I’d rather have the longer days, thank you.

sun-touched deep pink dahlia flowerClick on image for larger view.

I caught this dahlia yesterday reaching out with its petals to soak up one last little piece of sunlight before the sun disappeared behind the trees on its journey west.



10 thoughts on “Catching the last of the day’s sun

      • When I see these magnificent images every day, I am blown away and just fumble for words to describe how I feel. I understand how apprecation from others really makes a difference, so I make sure as best as I can, to see the work of those who come to Petals. Now, that is a challenge mark my words, but I do try. (smile) I really do love your work! Thank YOU! Love, Amy


      • Yes, getting to visit everyone can certainly be challenging. Over and above the time spent with my camera, creating my images can be very time consuming, and I try to have a life outside of all that as well! So if I don’t get back to folks right away, it’s because my days feel too short, even when I get up early and go to bed late, lol! But I most certainly do appreciate visitors to my blog and especially those who take the time to like and follow. 🙂

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  1. Hi Katrina, lovely image. Re your intro about winter, I find that the light is softer all day long in Winter and it gives a mellow look to our shots… So that is something yiu can look forward to. We at the other end if the world are entering spring, with other kinds of treats! Chris


    • Thanks, Chris. The area I live in is a temperate rain forest. Our winters can be very dreary, with lots of rainy days. We occasionally get snow, but it doesn’t usually stick around long. I actually quite like the colors that are revealed by rain, but there’s a limit to how many times I want to get wet! 🙂 But my obsession with light is more than just for photography, if I don’t get enough daylight I tend to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. When I had my horses, I was at the barn enough that it wasn’t an issue. Now that I’m no longer outside most of the day, I need to be a lot more careful about getting enough light. Without wishing time away, I’d much prefer to be in your shoes…at the beginning of spring instead! 🙂 Happy shooting!


    • Thanks, Beth. 🙂 I guess we’re both stuck with shorter days, but I regret for you that you have a much greater chance of snow than me, lol! And cold! That’s why I live on the Wet Coast, I Do Not like the cold. 🙂


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