Geneva grebe family update

For those of you who enjoyed the images of the Great Crested Grebe family in Geneva, here’s a follow-up. A few days before leaving to return home, we were in Geneva for a short boat ride on the lake, and visited l’ile Rousseau for lunch. Mama Grebe was there with just one now much larger chick. After we’d had lunch there was still only one chick, and we thought sadly that one of them hadn’t survived. Then, just before Papa Grebe showed up with a fish, the second chick swam out from under the willow branches that drape into the water! We were so relieved!

The first image shows Papa Grebe with a fish for the chicks — look how big those chicks had become! Then he left to go fishing again. During past visits when he dived, he disappeared from sight almost immediately even tho I was on the bridge looking down at him and the water was clear. On this day, for some reason, he remained visible for several seconds, giving me a great opportunity to get a couple of shots of him underwater. Check out those wild flippers he calls feet!


4 thoughts on “Geneva grebe family update

  1. Oh Katrina, these are fantastic. The babies look bigger than the parents! And well done on the underwater shots. It is so hard to get clear pictures of the birds under water. I have spent some time today waiting to shoot a great cormorant diving, to do a feature on them for my bird photography challenge. No luck! But there is always tomorrow! So congratulations! And grebes are a particularly attractive bird. 😊 Chris


    • Yes, that was what I thought about the chicks. I guess it’s all that fluff that they wear! This is the first time I’ve been close enough to grebes to photograph them. They’re usually too shy for my lens. The feet were a surprise! Thanks for commenting.:-)


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