Cheeky chickadee

When I was out walking yesterday I became aware that I was being followed by a handful of black capped chickadees (Parus atricapillus – my goodness, what a mouthful!). I stopped to talk to them, and they all perched in the branches just above my head. One particularly brave character swooped down and brushed my camera hand. Hmmm, clearly these were birds that expected handouts. I hadn’t brought any seeds with me, but I did find a few peanuts deep in my pocket, so I crumbled them up and held my hand out. Instantly three cuties lined up for their turn. A couple of others flitted around for a little bit then swooped in for their share. The little one in the image approached, then changed his mind and returned to the branch, giving me an opportunity to fire off a few one-handed shots. You’re just getting one today, as I didn’t have time to process more of them.

chickadee on branch



16 thoughts on “Cheeky chickadee

    • Oh, I would LOVE to have a hummingbird land on me! I consider myself lucky to get close enough just to photograph one! The chickadees in these parts can be little TYRANTS, demanding food, lol! The really brave ones think nothing of landing on people who have seed with them. I’ve had three on my hand at one time, it’s amazing how light they are, and it’s a weird feeling having their little feet wrapped around a finger or thumb, let alone three of them at once on different digits… πŸ™‚ They’re really quite enchanting!


      • There’s a couple of more videos, but that’s not a bad one.

        Chickadees here are mostly in the forests (never seen one in my yard), and they don’t get close.

        We had a lot of them on our feeders in Michigan, but I was never successful at having them, or any bird other than hummingbirds, to come to me.


      • That’s amazing, I shall have to see if I can put up a hummingbird feeder next year. I see the odd one that comes for the flowers, and I would love to have that many hanging around. We don’t have a seedfeeder in the garden because my landlady has cats. I expect we would have chickadees in the garden if we had a feeder. The ones I meet are when I’m out on the local trails, and yes basically through wooded areas with lots of trees. A lot of people in this area like to leave seed next to the trails for the birds and squirrels. The chickadees, black capped and chestnut backed, seem to be the only ones that really get used to people. On a couple of occasions I’ve had one hover no more than 6 inches in front of my nose, asking for a handout, lol! Some of them are real moochers!


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