Monochrome Madness 32 – Hazy day on the water

black and white minimalist image of sailboatClick on image for larger view.

Two posts today because I missed one yesterday…

It’s time for Monochrome Madness again, and this is my submission for this week. Click here to check out everyone else’s great MMC images on Leanne Cole’s blog.

I was down at White Rock beach a week ago and the water was dead calm, no breeze at all most of the time and altho the sun was shining, everything was very hazy. There were several flocks of migrating surf scoters and Canada geese just offshore and flying around, and a few sailboats further out, not going very far very fast. The strange light made the whole scene very surrealistic.  Everything was desaturated by the haze and the quality of the light, so it was a no-brainer to convert this image to black and white, and to enhance the minimalist look a bit to resemble a graphite sketch.



5 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 32 – Hazy day on the water

  1. Came over from Leanne’s MM32 Blog. This image is one of the most subtle, understated and magical images I have seen, just beautiful and soul stirring, thank you for posting it.


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