Altho I originally started this blog with the idea that I would show my horse images, with the exception of the monochrome horse eye image (click here to see it) the few that I have posted haven’t been among the most popular, so I have held them back. However, I know I have at least 3 horselovers among my regular viewers so this one’s for them (and me). It’s my late horse resting in the morning sun. I have several images of him in this location because when the sun was out in the mornings the reflected light was always so fantastic, bathing everything in a warm glow.

Click on image for larger view.recumbent horse 3/4 view



21 thoughts on “Resting

  1. Some of my favorite memories growing up were riding horses. I wrote my first acclaimed (by my 4th grade teacher) essay about the death of a horse I visited and fed every week. And I cried like a baby when my horse of 10 years died(and I was 20 something).
    If I remember right some of the best hours for photography lighting are the golden hour around sun rise and sun set? Those are also some of the best times of day to snuggle into a soft dusty coat of a loved horse. In the morning there’s something fresh and hopeful about enjoying the start of the day with that fuzzy partner. There’s also something comforting about sharing their company before the sun goes down. The lighting does feel like morning. In short that’s my way of saying I think the lighting, texture and the resting pose capture much of what warms a horse lover’s heart.

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