Above the clouds

Besides the images of our trip to Alsace once I’ve processed them, I’ll also be featuring more images of Geneva, Switzerland as seen from the lake, and some trips up into the mountains in the Haute Savoie region of France. And when I say up, I do mean UP! Today’s image was captured near the top above the clouds on our way to a delicious lunch at a little mountainside restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Access was on foot or 4×4. More from that day’s outing are included in the bulging folder of images waiting to be processed…

Click on image for larger view. ddonkey foal grazing in alpine meadowThe road was blocked by this donkey foal with her mom, so we all piled out of the vehicles to say hello to them and take advantage of the magnficent photo op.



16 thoughts on “Above the clouds

    • For those of us who were raised with Johanna Spyri’s “Heidi” stories…when we got to the higher elevations of this mountain, I almost felt like I might turn around and see Heidi approaching. My sister’s friend who was with us said the same thing. The view was spectacular.


      • Your style reminds me of art rather than photography. A lot of your images are processed to look like a Monet impressionistic painting. Very nice!


      • Ah yes, there are too many people with better gear, better skills and more opportunity getting the kind of images that interest me, so I choose to try to set my images apart by thinking in terms of photography as a starting point for my art. Any art, photography and processing skills I have are self-taught so I’m not up on art history. However, I am familiar with impressionism and I know who Monet is, still you got me looking into what distinguised Monet’s style and in that context I kind of see the similarity. How he uses light, for example, and I read that he only painted what pleased him…well that’s my angle too. But I’m not processing my images specifically to look like Monets, it’s just a style of image that I’ve come up with…I am just producing stuff that I like, hopefully giving my images a look that is potentially recognizable as mine. Any resemblance to Monet’s paintings is purely coincidental but I quite like that idea. I appreciate our comments. 🙂


      • I’ve been a photographer for 44 years and an artist for nearly 50. When I got into the digital side I too unintentionally developed my own style. A lot of photographers who look at my photographs think I shot a lot of HDR (High Dynamic Range) shots but it’s my post processing that gives them that “look”.


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