Some color at the start of a rainy week…

Click on images for larger view.

And apologies for all the technogabble following the images in the Reader…can anyone tell me how to avoid it/get rid of it? I’ve seen it on several other blogs’ postings too, this week.


19 thoughts on “Red

    • Thanks for commenting on this. I’m using Firefox, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the browser, especially since only some posts that I’ve seen have been affected, others are fine. This is the first time it’s happened to one of my posts. And it’s come at the same time as losing the ability to access the dashboard directly via the Gravatar drop down menu when not in admin pages, which is a pain. Tho I have to state that since yesterday afternoon that tech stuff no longer shows up on that post… WordPress idiosyncrasies…

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    • Thank you, Leanne. I appreciate you commenting. 🙂
      Re the Reader, that was the first post of mine that I was aware of doing that. As of yesterday afternoon it seems to have resolved itself…at least as it shows up on my computer for that post… Perhaps a WordPress glitch that was taken care of…?


  1. Oh wow, Katrina! These are striking images, and it’s not just because of the colour red against your black background (I do love that theme)! The spider in its web is superb. Well done 🙂 Chris

    Re the reader, it’s as if the post is saved in text form, rather than the visual form… may be ask the support team?


    • Thanks, Chris. 🙂 The dark background theme began by accident. The steps leading to my front door get full sunlight for a short while in the early morning, then only indirect light the rest of the day. But that light bounces off the building walls and gives fantastic reflected light on my plants that sit on the steps. Of course I had to capture that light! The first images of my plants showed a lovely, subdued, and on bright days, virtually black background. I loved the effect so much – and it reminded me of the old Dutch painting that hung in the living room when we were kids – that I started watching for that kind of light everywhere. And then I wanted those images to look even more like that old Dutch painting, and I started mucking about in PS Elements to get the flowers fading more into the background, or to recover some of the details that were in the shade, whichever was appropriate. About that time I had also started taking watercolor lessons, the kind with paint and paper, not the digital version, lol! That’s when I started thinking I needed a Wacom tablet, it’s much more precise than a mouse. And then I took that textures course online, and I realized I could in small ways combine my real painting with my digital images, and it all started coming together. I feel like I’m still in the early stages of where I’m going with my images, but I’m having a blast playing with the software, and I’m seeing things differently through the viewfinder, too. 🙂

      The spider web didn’t get the artistic treatment, it just had the basics applied in Lightroom. The spider isn’t as flashy as those yellow and black Argiopes I shot in France, but I love the shape of the web, the beautiful curve connecting the flowers to the spider, with the dewdrops to accentuate it. A gift from Mother Nature! 🙂


      • Isn’t interesting… I too started watercolours last year… Botanical illustration… Now here is another challenge! 🙂 it’s great to have complementary hobbies and wonderful to ‘meet’ others with similar interest! Chris


      • Sorry, Chris, I missed responding to this comment of yours, and the other one shortly before. Yes, when my horse died and I was looking for things to do, before I really got serious about blending my art with my photos, I played around with a lot of complementary stuff, including paper crafts, which included papercuts, paper scultping, stamping, embossing, etc. It was a lot of fun but I find I don’t have time to play with all of it now, I’m spending too much time on a couple of interests. What I’m finding is that as I get heavier into converting my photos into art images, I’m actually starting to see not only how a watercolor image in my mind might look on paper, but also how to get it there. Sort of like deconstructing backwards. And in the other direction, the watercolors most definitely influence how I see things for my photography. Art is art, I guess… Botanical illustration – yes I could get into that. Except that the style of my art tends to be very precise and controlled, lifelike, which botanical illustration is, and I’m trying to break out of that and loosen up my style much more, pay attention to enough detail, but not get hung up on -all- of the details, a somewhat more impressionistic style. I love wet in wet watercolors and the relative unpredictability of it. Nice to be able to talk a little about stuff like that, yes. So, how’s the botanical illustration coming along? 🙂


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