Painted chickadee

I always forget to plant sunflowers in the garden until it’s too late — I’ve always wanted to see if the chickadees would come around for the seeds. I’m also reading about other bloggers visiting botanical gardens for photo shoots, and I would love to do that. But I don’t have one close by — at this time of year I want access to a garden full of dahlias and other flowers to shoot. Then this morning when I was wondering where I would go to shoot today, taking advantage of no rain for the moment, I remembered that there’s a large community garden close to one of the beaches I visit. They would be winding down and cleaning up for the season, but there would still be dahlias there! And sunflowers! I grabbed my camera and off I went…

Sure enough, dahlias there were and not only sunflowers as well, but chickadees visiting them! I didn’t like the background on the image that I want to feature on my blog today, and I’ve been playing in my software again, so I gave it a full art treatment.

chickadee hanging off sunflower head



11 thoughts on “Painted chickadee

    • Thanks, Chris. Greedy chickadees, indeed. I edited and published the image late last night and let my software do the heavy lifting without the usual amount of input from me. When I looked at it this morning I liked it well enough – maybe for a generic greetings card or something – but I feel like it has no soul, if you catch my drift. No emotion attached, no-o-o..connection. Lesson learned not to take shortcuts…I shall have to rework it at some point and breathe life back into it…


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