Geneva from the water

A few days before I returned home from France, I was in Geneva one more time with my sister to take a short, 2-hour cruise on Lake Geneva. It was perfect weather…warm and sunny with gorgeous big fluffy clouds. It was lovely.

Paddlewheeler Savoie entering Geneva harbour
The paddlewheeler “Savoie” entering Geneva harbour. Paddlewheeler Savoie in Geneva harbour
And churning across the harbour to pick up passengers. These elegant paddlewheelers areย  a common sight all around the lake, carrying passengers on sightseeing cruises.


These little yellow boats are called mouettes, and they are waterbuses, part of Geneva’s extensive public transit system, ferrying people from one side of the harbour to the other.
Geneva's jet deau wth mouette waterbus in front
Pont de Mont Blanc
The second image shows a mouette about to pass under the pont de Mont Blanc, where the lake empties into the Rhone River.
Mouette waterbus with pont de Mont Blanc behind


The famous Jet d’Eau.
Geneva's jet d'eau with old town behind Close up of Genevas jet d'eau from the lake 2 Geneva's jet d'eau from the lakeTop of Geneva's jet deau with birdsBase of Geneva's jet d'eau from the lake
One of Geneva’s mute swans flying into the spray from the jet d’eau. Swan landing in spray from Geneva's jet d'eau


Looking back at Geneva from outside the harbour…
View of Geneva from the lake, with a sailboat and jet d'eau in front Geneva's jet d'eau with city behind Returning to Geneva's harbour along the north shoreGeneva's harbour entrance


A few scenes outside the harbour…
Looking east from Geneva's harbourLarege clouds over the shores of Lake Genevamarina in Geneva's harbourSailboat on Lake Geneva A chateau on the north shore of Lake Geneva


Click on the images above for a larger view, or click on the gallery below to view these and a few more images.



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    • Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I used Lightroom and various NIK filters for these images. They weren’t all done with the same filters. Mostly, after basic adjustments were made in Lightroom I took them into NIK and applied several filters, usually Tonal Contrast or Detail Extractor followed by other contrast and light filters and then a very subtle vignette, then back into Lightroom for minor final fine tuning.


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