Introductions – textured

2 horses and a mini horse greeting each other through a fenceClick on image for larger view.

This image received a textures treatment, using some of my handmade textures and a little “brush” work, so it resembles a painting.

The image shows Oporto (at the front) with his mini-horse companion greeting a new arrival. Still learning to be a gelding himself, Oporto was helping the bratty little mini ex-stallion adjust to being a gelding. He took his job very seriously…the mini would grab a mouthful of skin and muscle and hang on, and feisty Oporto would just grit his teeth and try gently to brush him off. The mini was also good at escaping from their field, which would worry Oporto until he knew that I was aware of the escape, at which point the problem became mine and he could relax. His relief was always palpable. The mini would visit other horses in adjacent paddocks. Not all of them liked him, so Oporto’s concern was justified. Here everyone is being polite and sociable.



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