iPad cat

Been playing some more on my iPad. I waited years to have time to take up watercolor painting. Last year I took a few classes but didn’t get around to practicing much. Now there are apps that can almost do it for me…  well, there was still some “brushwork” involved, just not on paper and using my finger instead of a brush. It did start out as a photo…

cat face, watercolor effect


One image, multiple versions with iPad apps

As of this week I am officially on board with Langley, BC’s local continuing education to teach a 9-hour course called iPad Photo Art starting later this winter. It’s an intro to transforming photos into artwork for iPad owners — images that can be used for calendars, greetings cards, numerous home decor projects including framed fine art, etc. Depending on the level of skill of the participants, I’ll be touching on principles and techniques for optimizing images on the iPad prior to importing into various creative apps, how to get the most out of the apps, and many techniques, tips and tricks to create images that stand out in a crowd.

With this in mind, during the coming weeks I’ll be playing around in numerous apps to find the most economical, easy to learn, most creative combination of apps available, along with a few more complex apps. I like what I’m using right now, but need to add a few more effects to suit other people’s tastes not to mention abilities, plus I’d like to know what other apps can do.

My first experiment took an image of a homely echinacea specimen, processed it to improve the image, and then ran it through a few apps to produce different effects. Of course, there were dozens of other possibilities, I just want to get a feel for the apps.



Dog walkers

On a whim while out for one of my walks this week I captured this image of two walkers with their dogs in a local regional park. I don’t usually target people in my photography, but I was curious about what would happen with a slow shutterspeed. Looks like I’ll be capturing more people in future blur images…I loved how the white on their boots made attractive arcs in the resulting image, so I decided to share.

Click on image for larger view.Two people walking their dogs, blur


A few more gulls

Time has been a little short for processing this week, so I’m calling on some of my gull motion images to fill in the gap.



Bilbo – Monochrome Madness Week 39

This isn’t the first time you’ve seen images of Bilbo, mini horse and tormenter extraordinaire of regular sized horses. He has shown up in several earlier posts and will doubtless show up again in posts to come.

Click on the images for larger view.

mini horse looking back over shoulder, view from behind, black and white


The top image is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge over on Leanne Cole’s blog. Click on the link to see what everybody else came up with — it’s always interesting to see the great variety of styles!

Below I’ve also included the color version and a couple of images of Bilbo at large.

mini horse looking back over shoulder, view from behind mini  horse galloping away mini horse standing looking



You can’t see me…

While out walking I came across this rabbit hiding in the grass. S/he was sure I couldn’t see her/him at first. I stayed very quiet and still for a while and then s/he started to groom his/her whiskers. So very cute!