White Crowned Sparrow

In this morning’s post with the artistic blur, I promised a conventional image would follow, so here it is. A handsome white-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) emerging from the undergrowth in a nearby park. There are several races of white-crowned sparrow, I believe this individual is a Z.l. pugetensis, a Puget Sound white-crown, which breeds in this area and may also overwinter here.

Click on image for larger view. white-crowned sparrow



18 thoughts on “White Crowned Sparrow

      • Yes, the blue wrens were the second birds I took with my new big lens! I am absolutely wrapped with its capability, and I am getting used to it in a variety of settings. Still struggling with birds in flight as it is a heavy lens to keep steady when I try to follow the birds in the air. So the egret isn’t a hit yet, but will try again! ☺️


      • Oh, you guys with your new macro lenses…big lenses… you are so lucky! πŸ™‚ I just keep telling myself that my limited lens capabilities just serve to encourage me to become more creative with my processing. But I’d still like those lenses, lol! You’ll get your egret shot, and it’ll be worth the wait…

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