White Rock Pier perches

I took advantage of the lull between the rainstorms to make a quick visit to the pier at White Rock beach yesterday. It was supposed to be overcast, but turned into a gorgeous afternoon. It had been windy the night before and I was hoping that there would be some waves, albeit small ones, to capture. No such luck. A few very small swells just didn’t cut it. So I set up for some bird in flight blurs, but didn’t have much luck with them either! I make a point of never coming home without something to process, here are three of them.

crow on white rock pier light curlicue

The crows find the arches connecting the pier’s lights make great vantage points.

crow on white rock pier light

Looking south from the promenade — the pier at high tide with the dock and breakwater at the far end, and Washington State in the background.

White Rock PierLarger looks better. Click on images for larger view.






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