Snow Geese in flight & Monochrome Madness Week 37 — 6 images

snow geese flying with mountains behind, monochrome

These are a few of my images of the snow geese that visit us each year on their way to and from their breeding grounds on Wrangell Island in the arctic. The above image shows them flying low over the intertidal zone just west of Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, a few miles south of Vancouver, BC. In the background are the silhouettes of the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island behind them. Georgia Strait, which is part of the Salish Sea, lies between the geese and the islands. This is the image I submitted to Leanne Cole’s and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness Challenge for this week. You can see everyone’s MMC images on Leanne’s blog, click here to visit.

Some of the geese overwinter along the Washington and southernmost BC coastline.


snow geese in flight, digital art treatment

Trio of snow geese approaching a landing

snow-goose-takeoff-2076-snow geese in flightflock of snow geese taking off


39 thoughts on “Snow Geese in flight & Monochrome Madness Week 37 — 6 images

    • Yes, chaos is a good adjective. Even as they were going up in front of me, I was struggling to differentiate the birds and focus on just one, or even one group! Awesome feeling though to have all those birds on the ground in front of you for a half hour and then suddenly have them all lift off as a unit. Just the noise they make is overwhelming.


  1. Great to know we have common interest in shooting (with camera not rifle) snow geese and blue herons. I enjoyed viewing all the images you posted, just great shots!


  2. Fantastic shots Katrina, to think the numbers are now a fraction from a couple of hundred years ago. The indigenous people of North America must have looked in awe at the migrations of these geese.


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