Gulls — Tangled abstractions

Last week I featured some flower images that I’d processed with Lightroom and TangledFX, a fractal-based app. I thought the app did some interesting things to my images. This week I’ve been playing with some of my creative blurs in TangledFX. When I come home from capturing creative motion blurs I am pretty ruthless about trashing most of them, and that includes a huge number of motion blurs of flying birds. Essentially, I reject any blur image that doesn’t elicit some degree of “oooh” response from me. Even so, I find that I’ve accumulated a growing folder of creative blurs that don’t quite cut it yet have a little something that prevents me from just instantly deep-sixing them. This week I discovered that TangledFX can give some of them just enough of a lift to save them — at least temporarily — from the trash folder, while entertaining me at the same time. These are some of the airborne gull blurs that slithered through.

Click on an image for larger view.





15 thoughts on “Gulls — Tangled abstractions

  1. Oh Katrina, these are quite artistic. You are prompting me to download a few of these plug ins. I have a number of birds in flight shots that are not well focused but I can’t bring myself to turf off until I capture the image I want. There might be a few that could be quite salvageable.


  2. Nicely done Katrina, it looks like birds really love this processing. They look so poetic. I just realised you live near Vancouver. Once briefly a lifetime ago I lived in Vancouver in the early 90s. Loved it and Canada and hope to get back one day 😀


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